Tension Builder: Bird Box

To give a sense of how I felt reading the climatic Bird Box, I want you to close your eyes and listen. What are those sounds that you can hear? Do you feel yourself listening for the unknown?

Bird Box is a classic cat and mouse tale, where humans are prey to a mysterious force that if seen turns a person insane. The protagonist, unable to open her eyes, too afraid to glimpse the beast, must guide herself and her children to safety. And the reader is invited to join them on this terrifying journey into unknown territory. We cannot comprehend what will come of the characters as we flick from page to page.

Bird Box is an easy read and therefore perfect for this time of year when you don’t want to find yourself too challenged from the comfort of your sun lounger. There is a slight disappointment for me in its lack of conclusion; though I guess some things are best left unknown.

I must keep my review short and sweet, as part of its magic and intrigue comes from the lack of knowledge from the reader.

Although I both loved and enjoyed Bird Box, I must admit to having an urgency to reach its conclusion. I was nervous that if I turned out the light too soon, without having finished the book, I would fall prey to the creature myself.

Bird Box: Josh Malerman


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