Trust Breakdown: Behind Closed Doors

As a young child, I was captivated by fairy tales, especially anything that Disney was involved with. I loved the coming together of two people who shared their happy ever after. As a teenager, romantic comedies dominated my bookshelves, as I continued to be swept away with these perfect scenarios.

Jump ten years forward and I’ve now read a book that questions everything “baby me” believed. Behind Closed Doors explores the concept of imprisonment and domestic abuse, which are obviously hot topics at this time.

Grace falls in love in the most perfect fashion with the flawless Jack. Little does she know that she’s married a monster who keeps her locked behind closed doors. This book describes her seemingly endless ordeal to try and escape, and how she is made to look deranged each time she succeeds. This keeps the reader engaged as we too try to escape from her jailer. It also explores the way the public can often dismiss abusive relationships and to not be afraid to open the door to these conversations.

This is a perfect holiday read that, with some dedication, could easily be read in a day. The story is compelling and the structure simple. It has also highlighted that it’s not always a happy ever after.

Behind Closed Doors: B A Paris


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