Bookworm on the 7.01: Reader on the 6.27

For the past couple of months I have been plugging away at a book that has been a struggle to muster any sort of enthusiasm to read. So it was nice to change my reading fortunes by picking up a book in the morning, engaging with the characters, feeling that my heart had been warmed, and finishing it that same evening.

Sharing the same sweet, sentimental storytelling of The President’s Hat or the Little Prince, The Reader on the 6.27 is a lovely story of how we often stumble across people who share the same loves as we do, in the most unexpected places.

Guylain’s mission to find the woman that he instantly connects with through the writing of her diary, his conversations with his best friend Rouget de Lisle (the goldfish), and his public readings to the old women of a local care home, all provide a child like innocence to the protagonist. Therefore it’s easy to connect with his story and be compelled to keep reading.

Starting my day on the 7am flight to Geneva, I liked to think I was part of Guylain’s audience, as he read the pages of the books he’d saved from the pulping machine, alongside his other early morning listeners.

It was lovely to read a positive story of being passionate about something and sharing it with those around you.

Reader on the 6.27: Jean-Paul Didierlaurent


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