Truth Be Told: Lie With Me

This is the second book of this nature that I’ve read this year, where the protagonist is fundamentally unlikable. I must have an ingrained Disney meter that prefers a book without devious characters reigning supreme, as I found myself disheartened by the character’s flaws and general shifty behaviour.

That being said, Lie With Me is an ideal holiday page-turner as the setting lends itself to being a beach book. Having managed to convince his girlfriend to invite him along on their family holiday to Greece, Paul attempts to turn each situation to his advantage as he tries to play the family. Little does he know that there are other forces at work and his deception is working in tandem with another.

Maybe I’m too much of a goody-two-shoes, but I prefer stories where the characters live happily ever after.

Lie With Me: Sabine Durant


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