Gripping Reading: Watching Edie

Being a fan of crime thrillers, it didn’t seem too far a leap to test the waters with a psychological thriller; and Watching Edie certainly was this.

The author, Camilla Way, cleverly unravels the story from two perspectives and two different time stamps, to provide a piece-by-piece reveal of events. The before and after style of narration entices the reader into one conclusion, only to find an entirely different ending waiting on the novel’s final pages.

In the present poor Edie is being stalked by a friend from the past who she would rather leave behind whilst in the past Heather is the monster of her own narration. But who really is the villain of this story?

Watching Edie was a tense, suspenseful read which left me shocked and dismayed at its conclusion. This was the type of book that stays with you in the hours and days that follow despite it no longer holding your attention.

Watching Edie is one to watch.

Watching Edie: Camilla Way


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